Tips For Making Your Beach Vacation Rental Accommodating For Your Guests

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If you own property near the beach that you have turned into a vacation rental, then you will be pleased to know that there are many things you can do to help your guests feel more at home. Some simple tips that you can use to make your guests comfortable and keep them returning to your rental property year after year, include the following: Tip 1: Provide Basic Necessities for Cooking in the Kitchen While you do not need to go out and purchase the best cookware and latest kitchen gadgets for your beach rental house, you should provide your guests with all of the basic necessities for cooking basic foods. A set of pots and pans, plates, bowls, and utensils will help your guests to be able to save some money on their vacation by being able to prepare their own meals. Don’t forget the pizza pan so that your renters can pop a frozen pizza in the oven for a quick meal. Tip 2: Keep a Stack of Clean Towels in the Linen Closet and Kitchen Even if you expect that renters of your vacation home will arrive with their own towels, you should provide a stack of clean towels and washcloths in the kitchen and each bathroom. Though your renters will likely not need the towels during their stay, it is a nice touch to provide them for the times where a guest forgets their towels at home. Tip 3: Place a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner in One of the Home’s Closets  While you should not expect your beach house renters to clean the house themselves, the sand from the beach can be a real annoyance for those not used to living with its presence. You can help your guests eliminate this frustration by providing them with a high-quality vacuum cleaner they can use to quickly remove annoying sand on both carpeted and solid surface flooring.  Tip 4: Provide Easy Access to a Vacation Property Manager for Emergency Assistance Finally, your beach rental house should be managed by a property management company that is experienced with managing vacation rentals, such as JP By The Sea. You should provide your guests a phone number where they can call and gain easy access to assistance if needed in an emergency situation, such as a major plumbing or air conditioning problem. Knowing they can call a number and someone will help them out will make your guests feel more secure when they rent your beach property and will help to keep them coming back year after...

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Tips For Staying Healthy While Staying In Executive Suites

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If you have to travel a lot for your job, chances are good that you are spending a great deal of time in hotel rooms and executive suites. This can take a toll on your health because you are going to be eating out a lot and are going to be sitting still for long periods of time on your laptop or on planes. This can make you gain weight and generally feel worse. Here are some tips for staying healthy while staying in executive suites on business trips. 1. Utilize the Size of Your Room Make a habit of always walking around your room, even if it is just pacing from one wall to another, while you are talking to clients or business associates on the phone. You have a larger, executive suite. Make use of the space that you have and try to fully enjoy it. Making sure that you are walking during this type of task will help you increase the amount of time you spend moving overall and decrease the amount of time you spend sitting, which can have vastly negative effects on your health. Get a fitness tracker and set pacing goals each day. If you don’t meet your pacing goal by a certain time each evening, commit to using your hotel’s treadmill or other workout equipment to reach the step goal by the time you go to sleep. 2. Use the Restroom on the First Floor, Rather Than in Your Room Make a game out of how long you can keep your bathroom looking pristine by always trying to use the restroom on the first floor of the hotel, rather than the one in your room. This will force you to keep getting up and moving around, which can help keep your blood circulating efficiently and restore oxygen to your muscles so that they burn more calories. Record how long you can go without touching your room’s bathroom and try to beat that goal each time you stay in an executive suite. 3. Set an Alarm to Drink Water Finally, hotels tend to have air that is drier than what you might be used to at home. This can cause you to dehydrate more quickly, which can make you not feel great and make you less productive. Deal with this problem by setting an alarm on your phone for you to get up and drink some water.  For more information, talk to the hotel where you are going to be staying to see what sort of healthy food and fitness options they have available to you....

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4 Tips For Getting A Lower Hotel Rate

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One of the unavoidable expenses you might incur when traveling is the cost of booking a hotel room. Even if you have a small budget, it is still possible to find a good hotel at a reasonable rate. To help you get the most bang for your buck, here are some tips on getting a good rate on your next trip. Stick to Off-Season Periods If you are flexible in your travel times, try to opt for off-season periods. Holiday seasons, such as Christmas and New Year’s, are when hotel rates are usually the highest. By choosing to travel during an off-season period, you have a better chance of getting a lower rate, because the hotels have more rooms available and are more interested in filling their rooms.  Avoid Chain Hotels Even though you might be more familiar with chain hotels, you should consider smaller, privately owned hotels. Chain hotels are not as flexible when it comes to negotiating rates and also have higher set standard prices than smaller hotels. By contrast, it is possible that you can negotiate for a lower price on a room with a privately owned hotel.  Talk to the Manager Directly Instead of attempting to negotiate a lower rate for a room with a clerk, ask for the manager. The manager will have more information and has the power to actually authorize the lower rate. When you do speak to the manager, be complimentary about the hotel and its staff. Let the manager know you have heard good things and you want to have that same great experience. Getting on the manager’s good side could work in your favor.   Wait Until the Last Minute There is a possibility that you can book a good deal on a room if you wait until the last minute to book it. As the date nears and the rooms are still empty, hotels are usually more receptive to lowering their rates. As a result, you could cash in and score a good room at a lower rate.  It is important to note, however, that if you wait until the last minute, you could risk not having a room at all. If you are planning to wait, have a backup plan in case you cannot book a room in the hotel in which you want to stay. If you are hesitant to negotiate for a lower hotel rate, remember that the worst thing that could happen is that the hotel refuses your request. But if you are successful, you can save money and use your savings towards other aspects of your trip....

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